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What exactly is the CFPB and why does it matter?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Reuters photo: Joshua Roberts) The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is ruled unconstitutional. Another small step was taken last week on the steep and winding ascent.

Here’s How to Buy a House: A Step-by-Step Guide for the First-Time Home Buyer In First Time Home Buyer Info. The 8 Step Guide for First Time Home Buyers in Florida You’re thinking about buying your first home in Florida and you’ve got a lot of questions. You want to know what programs are available to help you and you want to know about the home buying process. Here’s a 12-step breakdown of the typical buying process.

It’s up to consumers to sort through the choices and determine which company meets the goal of eliminating debt. Some companies maintain in-house debt counseling to assist consumers. Others refer clients to a network of companies, credit counselors and debt attorneys that offer solutions.

Created in large part because of the 2008 recession and accompanying housing bubble, the CFPB is still a fairly new government agency by any standard. It’s not surprising, then, that many Americans, although having heard the name, still don’t know what the CFPB does. So, let’s take a slightly deeper dive.

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What Is a Debt Collector or Collection Agency? According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, passed by Congress to protect consumers like you, a debt collection is a person or company that regularly collects debts owed to others, typically when those debts are past due. As the Consumer Financial protection bureau points out, debt collectors include collection agencies or lawyers who do.

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This 3 day rule is a joke and does nothing the previous rule with the gfe-hud didn’t do. there are so many variables that make the "CD" an unreliable statement. Taxes, insurance, prorations and other fees can change and not effect the cd rule. Good job CFPB another useless change to the mortgage industry that does nothing!!!!

 · The basic premise of H.R. 1849 reverses this position, and provides that law firms and attorneys, when litigating or communicating in connection with a legal action, would be exempt from the FDCPA and the reach of the CFPB. Why, then, is the debate over the FDCPA’s application to attorneys and law firms important for non-lawyers?

On November 18, 2014, the CFPB staff and Federal Reserve Board co-hosted a webinar that addressed questions about the final tila-respa integrated disclosure rule that will be effective for applications received by creditors or mortgage brokers on or after August 1, 2015. The webinar focused on the Closing Disclosure and addressed specific questions regarding the content of the Closing Disclosure.