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What they found mirrors our Fat Cat Funds Research that shows that while Industry super funds outperform Retail funds, there are plenty of areas for improvement. Our 5th annual Fat cat funds report, analysed over 2,000 super funds and 2,000 managed funds to see how they performed over 5 years.

This will reduce the burden on trustees who have a history of three consecutive years of clear audit reports and have lodged their fund’s annual returns on time. High earners and compulsory super..

Superannuation funds are basically a lifetime commitment. Choose the best match for you today, and you’ll be experiencing comfort and good living when you retire. Pick the wrong super fund, however, and you’ll be regretting your choices as you make do with less savings in the future. With such high stakes, here are the most effective tips for choosing the best superannuation fund.

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If you’re looking for more flexibility in your choice of investments than you can expect from a super fund, a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) could be the answer. However, there are significant costs involved in setting up and managing an SMSF so your freedom to invest super savings in property or collectibles, for example, comes at a price.

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Inspired by Israel Folau’s bold move to launch a Go Fund. to choose between competing campaigns for which to part with their hard earned. To assist, here is a step-by-step guide covering each.

Performs a quantitative analysis of the "amana growth fund" using some unique. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Additional disclosure:.

People in default super funds would benefit greatly if all money simply went into a low-cost index fund. How to find the best super fund for me. Our six years comparing super fund performance and fees suggests that you should focus on just two simple factors when selecting a super fund for the best chance of success:

Make saving for your retirement easier with CHOICE’s trusted articles, tips & guides on superannuation. Find out more about super here. View now!. employees a choice in superannuation The retailer has been urged to ditch an agreement that would prevent staff from choosing their own super fund.

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