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Think you could never save up for a down payment? You may be wrong

 · If you have a credit score under 580, you can still get an FHA mortgage if you can make a down payment of 10% of the total value of the home. That might seem like a lot of money to save up, but when compared with the difficulty of repairing your credit, it can actually be a lot easier.

There is a way out of paying PMI: If you come up with a down payment equal to 20 percent or more of your home’s final purchase price, you won’t have to pay for PMI. That’s because lenders think you’ll be less likely to default on your loan, whether you are taking out a conventional loan or a government-insured loan such as an FHA loan.

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Saving for a down payment to buy a house can seem overwhelming unless you break it down into small, actionable moves. It will likely take a while to accomplish, but.

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Fannie Mae. Think you could never save up for a down payment? You may be wrong. – R.A. schuetz. home price increases have outpaced wage growth for years, making it difficult for some people to afford to buy rather than rent.

The more of your income you’re forced to give up each month in the form of student loan payments, the harder it will be for you to save up money for a home down payment. Furthermore, if too much.

 · You can’t save enough in your 50’s to make up for lost compounded interest. You can’t go back and get your company’s match from your 30’s. In your scenario you may have created a person who hasn’t really learned what it means to save & invest. I know you were talking in generalities and each person is different.

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We’d each chip in enough for a down payment on a house somewhere we like. If a weak link in the group has a sub-par credit score, he or she could drive up your mortgage rate. You could drop them.