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BBVA – Augmented Reality House Hunting and Xamarin

House Safari is an augmented reality app to empower your house hunting experience. House by house, you can rate, judge, tag, photograph, and assess just about every aspect of any property that.

Virtual Reality is a hot topic these days and is viewed by many as the platform of tomorrow in some fields, like game development. cardboard-xamarin. At this year’s Google I/O conference, among the flurry of product announcements, Google presented an interesting project called cardboard.

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In this post, we look at Valora View, a mobile application created by BBVA. This app helps customers find properties for rent or sale with Augmented Reality, The post Customer Showcase: BBVA – Augmented Reality House Hunting appeared first on Xamarin Blog.

BBVA has unveiled Valora View, the first app in the European Banking sector using augmented reality to help prospective buyers or renters find a home. With this new free service, available for both customers and non-customers of the bank, BBVA launches a tool that, harnessing the power of big data, is capable of providing users with recommended purchase or rent prices for a specific property.

Has anyone seen example of AR Kit/Targeted images or AR Core/Augmented Images on Xam Forms or Native in Xamarin.Forms.. March 2018. 0. 11. James_Nichols. March 2018. Is there a way to implement Augmented Reality in "Xamarin.Forms" and not natively in Andorid and iOS in Xamarin.Forms. Answered.

Lots of augmented reality development kits are available, so the choice isn’t that easy. To make the right choice, you should select a tool for augmented reality app development according to the functionality of your mobile app. There are several major criteria we’d like to draw your attention to. Type of licence. Money.

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Augmented Reality SDK for Xamarin . Wikitude offers a plugin package to include marker or markerless augmented reality experiences into Xamarin based mobile apps and games. Wikitude sdk builds heavily on web technologies (HTML, JavaScript, CSS) which makes writing cross-platform augmented reality experiences a breeze.