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AfDB Approves €90m Loan to Kenya’s Mortgage Refinance Company – Footprint to Africa

The african development bank (afdb) has approved US $153m loan to the government of Namibia to upgrade a 210km stretch of railway in the west of the country. The bank will also finance the upgrade of a section of the road from the capital, Windhoek, to its international airport. The two interventions are part of the priority projects identified in the government’s Harambee Prosperity Plan.

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The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group has approved a line of credit of 100 million euros for the benefit of the Central People’s Bank of Morocco (BCP). This facility will enable BCP to strengthen its business financing activities in the sectors of agriculture , education, health and infrastructure in West Africa, mainly.

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26/06/2013 – The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank (AfDB) approved on 26 June 2013 a senior loan of USD 80 million in local currencies for OLAM Africa investment program (oaip) to deepen the integration of OLAM Group’s agricultural value chain by investments in processing of wheat and palm oil in Africa.

AfDB Approves 90m Loan to Kenya’s Mortgage Refinance Company By Footprint to Africa May 22, 2019 To support the establishment of the Kenya Mortgage Refinance Company (KMRC), the African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved a 90 million euro loan, which will aid access.

AfDB_Group African Development Bank Group [email protected] [email protected] Thank You "The Bank’s overarching goal in the next decade is to support Africa’s ambitions to unlock the continent’s internal potential for a stable, integrated, competitive, diversified and

The African Development Bank (AfDB), through the African Development Fund (ADF), recently approved a USD93.5m loan for on-lending to the tanzania agricultural development bank (TADB). The funding will contribute to supporting Tanzania’s agriculture sector and achieving the country’s development goals.

The African Development Bank has announced that it has approved trade finance loans worth up to $300 million for First Bank of Nigeria and $50 million for FSDH Merchant Bank. In a statement released on Wednesday, AfDB said the facilities will enable the Nigerian banks to provide support to local businesses involved in import-export activities.

In a bid to help Uganda improve heath and productivity in the country’s major towns, the African Development Bank has approved a US$ 62-million concessional loan to finance its Strategic Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Project (STWSSP).